Month: September 2013

A Glimpse Behind the Vines

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“If there’s a road I should walk, help me find it.”

Our journey into homeschooling began the day I walked away from Josiah on his school playground, up on the monkey bars, trying to hold back his tears.  The story leading up to the tears is a long one, but I had to leave him there and go back to work.  I asked myself as I walked away, “Is this really what I want for him for the next 8 years?”  That day, for the first time, I opened my mind up to a different possibility.  I had always assumed we would send our kids to public school right up until grade 12.  I honestly had never considered homeschooling an option for us.  Ever.

But this is the vision God gave me instead.  A vision of a road we were walking on.  A good road, with beautiful trees and vines and bushes.  A road we saw ourselves walking on for a long time.  Not sure of where it was going, but sure of the road itself.  But then, as I looked back at Josiah on the monkey bars, I caught a glimpse of a little light under a wall of overgrown bushes and vines.  As if the Holy Spirit rustled the leaves to get my attention, and something compelled me to go over and lift up the leaves, to see what was behind the wall of greenery.  Lo and behold, behind the thick, overgrown brush was another beautiful road.  I called Dwayne over to peek through with me, and to actually consider what it would be like to walk that road instead.  It seemed a little crazy to both of us, but it did start to seem more and more clear that God was calling us to that new road, quite unexpectedly.  It was hard to actually commit to leaving our original road.  It was hard to turn aside to the new road without reservation.  But, eventually, when choosing between two good and beautiful roads, it is best to follow peace and joy.  God was changing our desires and our expanding our vision, and suddenly more and more pieces in our life started lining up and fitting together in an “only-God” sort of way.

What began as a homeschooling journey, has now turned into a major shift in all areas of our lives.  School, family, work, relationships, service- they have all taken on a new meaning for us.  Our mindset is renewed and we love where God is leading us.  All because we took one look behind the vines.