My First Monday Musing

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If you’ve read the “About Jen & This Blog” section on my home page, you’ll have read this: “This blog is where I write about sorting through the clutter and noise of our culture to hear what God is really asking of us.  About discovering our greatest passions and seeing the vision God has for our lives.  And about taking the sometimes scary steps to make that vision a reality.”  Helping people discover their calling and make changes in their lives to reflect that calling is one of my very favorite things.  And if I can use this blog in some way to help people along in finding their purpose and taking the tough steps, then I would be so grateful.

pen in journalWith that mind, I’m starting a weekly series on this blog called “Monday Musings.”  I will pose one question every Monday, meant for reflection, that will contribute to you living your best life.  To discovering your greatest calling.  If you feel so inclined, I’d love to read the answers you’ve come up with to the Monday Musing, in the comments section.  It’s so inspiring to read the conclusions other people are coming to, while we’re asking ourselves the same question!

So, our first Monday Musing question is this: What do envision your life to be like in 3 years?  I believe so strongly in the power of vision!  It is vital for a church, a business, a family, and an individual to have a sense of where they are going and what they are working towards.  So I challenge you to consider where you are headed.  Write down where you see yourself a few years from now.  Think about your family, your work, your friends, your personal development, your spiritual growth- every aspect of your life.  What do you want to be different?  What do you want to be the same?  What do you want to be deeper, richer, improved?  What do you want to be removed, less consuming, lighter?  What do you want more of or less of?

Capturing a vision is the first step in discovering the passions God has planted in us.  It’s not the last step, by a long stretch, but it is a significant starting point.  So I challenge you to ask yourself this question, write down your thoughts, and get ready for lots more Monday Musings.


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