Expanding My Repertoire of Beautiful

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Fall is my favourite.  The way it looks.  The way it feels.  The way it smells.  Mmmm, it’s the best!  Although, I also love the first snowfall of winter!  Oh, and I adore new blossoms and the promise of spring!  And I really appreciate a relaxing summer day at the lake.  So, actually, I guess I’m more of a changing seasons girl.  Must be the Canadian in me.

I’ve been told the 4 seasons of the UAE are “hot, hot, hot,” “hot, hot,” “hot,” and “fly season.”  Soooo not super encouraging to my seasonal heart.  But, even though the landscape is not changing here, and I can’t mark the new seasons by the view out my window, I can feel it in the air.  It is cooling down enough here to brave the outdoors, even in the daylight hours.  Last night I heard it even got down to 25 degrees.  People….I might need a hoodie!

So, although I can’t take snapshots of my kids amongst the changing leaves this fall, I decided I could explore and share the beauty we do have around us here in Al Ain.  Because if there is one thing I learned living in 4 Canadian provinces, it’s that there are all kinds of beauty, and it can be found everywhere.

Here are some shots of us in our own sandbox.

20141024_9215 20141024_9225 20141024_9246 20141024_9253 20141024_9268 20141024_9269 20141024_9282 20141024_9283 20141024_9298 20141024_9310  20141024_936520141024_9324

We’re finding our way, friends.  There is much to appreciate here.  Beauty all around.


One thought on “Expanding My Repertoire of Beautiful

    Linda Turner said:
    October 26, 2014 at 2:22 am

    Amazing photos!

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