New Neighbours and Forever Neighbours

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20141121_0399We recently joined a facebook group called Al Ain Weekends.  They organize fantastic day trips, or over-nighters within driving distance of Al Ain.  I’ve noticed several enticing trips they’ve had posted since we arrived, and we were finally able to join them last Friday.  We crossed the border into neighbouring Oman for a morning hike in the Buraimi area.  Our guide took us out to a trail that we certainly never would have found on our own, and we spent a few hours exploring the stark and magnificent mountains, some homestead ruins, and even a beautiful little oasis.


20141121_0402  20141121_0422

20141121_0426In the heat of the desert, I was surprised at how cold this little pool felt.  It was crystal clear, and very enticing.


20141121_0418These rocks are the remains of a family home.  We came across a handful of them in a small area, and our guide said it was likely two families who had settled there.  So, do you know who was on our minds, even in the middle of the desert in Oman?  We texted our dear former neighbours with a photo of our next potential lot.



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