Leg Two: Marveling and Melting

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The second leg of our trip landed us in the storied city of Rome, which turned out to be the first city we’ve visited that I truly hope to return to one day.  We spent 4 days marveling at iconic and historic sites, but my memories of Rome will always be filled with copious amounts of sweating and lots of water breaks.  The temperatures surpassed 40 degrees every day we were there, so I had to embrace being wet and stinky, along with everyone else. I was also still recovering, from what I assume was some sort of injury from our Path Of The Gods day back on the Amalfi coast.  My left leg was swollen to an abnormal size, and I still couldn’t fully flex my foot for the whole time we were in Rome.  Despite being hot and uncomfortable, I LOVED this city!  We have over 400 pictures of our visit, so narrowing it down was a challenge, but here are the highlight shots.20150716_6580In front of Saint Peter’s Basilica.  The Vatican and SPB were easily one of my top three sites in Rome, and I’m not even Catholic.  It’s on my list of things to do again, if I return to this great city. 20150716_6620The ceiling in the Map Room at the Vatican.  There is enough beauty and art and detail in Rome to appreciate in one hundred visits. 20150716_6633Inside the dome of St. Peter’s. 20150716_7172The view of St. Peter’s square from the top. 20150716_6653Outside the dome, after our climb. 20150716_6659A ray of sunshine inside the Basilica. 20150717_7112We toured the Borghese Gallery, and while there were definitely a few sculptures that moved me, my favorite part, by far, was riding this adorable quad-bike around the gardens.  This is how the Hansens roll.  These gardens were the second of my top three sites in Rome. 20150717_7118Because it was blistering hot, these masterfully sculpted fountains doubled as the perfect cooling off spots. 20150717_7125Finding a sliver of shade on the Spanish Steps.  I don’t get why everyone goes to see these steps.  But, again, I really appreciated the pretty fountain spurting out free, cold water at the bottom. 20150718_7421Early morning at the Forum. 20150718_7425The history here boggles my mind. 20150718_7428The outside of the Colosseum is definitely my favorite part.  The Aspendos Theatre in Turkey is much more beautifully preserved inside, but there is no denying the power of the Colosseum for it’s stories and magnificence. 20150718_7445I wonder where they’ll want to go in their lives, given that they’ve seen some of these places at such a young age….

20150718_7542One of many marvelous Italian meals in one of many crowded Italian piazzas.  Love.20150719_7482Another ray of sunshine, this time inside the Pantheon.  Super cool inside.  Literally.  A good reprieve from the heat. 20150719_7492The Pantheon from the outside.  You know what I particularly liked about this place?  You didn’t have to buy a ticket or stand in line to get inside.  Marvelous indeed. 20150719_7496With my love at the Piazza Navona.  The Four Rivers Fountain was the third of my favorite sites in Rome.  This could be because the Trevi Fountain was covered in tarps and under restoration, but I found this fountain amazing and inspiring. 20150719_7504

And also very practical for drinking and cooling off. 😉


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