What’s Behind Door Number One?

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20150724_8132I’m staring at a door.  A closed door.  What’s behind that door, you might wonder?

It’s my future.  I picture that door leading me into next month.  There are a few things I know about what’s behind this first door.  I know I’ll be in Al Ain.  I know I’m homeschooling in there.  I know where we go to church and the great loves who will visit us behind that door.  I know Josiah’s birthday is there and I know about a handful of activities we have planned.

And from that room there will be another door to November.  I know we’re still in Al Ain behind that door too.  I know where we go to church and that we’re homeschooling.  I know the great loves who are coming to visit us behind that door too.  I know less about our activities, but I’m sure it will be similar to the October room.

And there will be another door to December.  Some of the same stuff will happen in there.  And we will fly to Thailand behind that door.  And celebrate Christmas somehow.

And then there will be another door to 2016.  I have some vague ideas about what’s behind the first half of those rooms.  Al Ain, homeschool, church, work, some travel, some activities.  But it starts to get fuzzy.  I can’t see that far.  And the BIG question is: Where do the doors lead for the last half of the 2016 rooms?  What will be behind those doors?

I can’t say.  I wish I could.  I’m dying to know.  But I’m not the architect with an overhead view of the whole building.  I didn’t create the rooms.  I can’t possibly know how each room will look or where the outgoing doors will appear.  I don’t know what will happen in those rooms to affect our future door-choosing activities.  I don’t know which doors will be unlocked and which doors we will feel compelled to walk through or walk by.  I don’t know where the Holy Spirit will whisper and rustle.

It’s not for me to know.  We weren’t meant to see it all at once.  God has things to do in me first.  If I don’t allow him to shape me and transform me, I won’t be ready for the doors ahead or what’s behind them.  Because that’s actually the purpose of walking through these doors and rooms: life change.  Becoming more like Jesus.  Seeing more of God revealed so I can reveal him to others.  It’s not about the specific path I take through the maze of doors, but about who I become while I’m walking.  About who God is above it all, in it all, and through it all.

He is the Creator of all the doors, all the rooms, all the people and experiences in those rooms.  He’s the Master Designer and his Spirit leads me.  So it really doesn’t matter what is in those rooms or where they lead because I trust in his goodness, his sovereignty, his wisdom, and his love for me.  So I will wait expectantly and with great faith open each door, one at a time.


2 thoughts on “What’s Behind Door Number One?

    barbaraarenburg said:
    September 22, 2015 at 2:35 am

    A beautiful act of faith.

      Ev/Henry Rempel said:
      September 22, 2015 at 7:44 pm

      Be still and know…please don’t overdrive your headlights.

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