Rise Up

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This fall I found myself feeling emotionally battered for being a woman.

It came at me totally out of left field and it took me a while to identify what was happening.  How, in the year 2016, did I find myself feeling diminished and devalued as a women?  Life is never really cut and dry, but I realized that two factors were especially significant in how I was feeling:

#1. Our personal church crisis
#2. The American election

First, Dwayne and I are in the midst of a church crisis.  This is too heavy and difficult for me to process on this blog and I don’t want to get into all the details, but I do want to say that our hearts are broken.  Both Dwayne and I have been left feeling that my value, contribution, and who God created me to be has been diminished by people we dearly love.

And then there was the American election.  I honestly don’t want to get into a political discussion any more than I want to get into a church leadership discussion, so again, I’ll just say that in the end I felt that, as women, our voices, accomplishments, and capabilities are still viewed as ‘less than’ by so many in our culture.

But in the face of these devastating realities, do you know what I heard from my heavenly Father?  Do you know what God whispered to me, over and over and over?

20160721_8042Rise up, my beloved daughter.  Rise up and be who I created you to be without hesitation or apology.  You don’t need permission from any government or religious institution to be who you are, because I rule the universe.  I call you, empower you, and equip you.  I have woven together each of your life experiences to form you into the woman you are today and you are beautiful.  Rise up, my beloved daughter, I have important work for you to do.

This is what God has been whispering in my ear when the other voices get loud.  I know His voice and it’s the only one I’ll follow.  Listen carefully, my sisters, because if you’ve been feeling battered down, he may be whispering this to you too.


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